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B2B Marketing Audit

B2B Marketing Audit


Discover opportunities, increase productivity, overcome competitors and increase lead value with a B2B Marketing Audit


We have designed a B2B Marketing Audit process that makes reviewing your Marketing strategy and tactics pain-free.

GROW: in London spend time getting to know your business, your goals and your objectives. We take a look back at previous activity, review your current go


Four ways a B2B Marketing Audit helps your business.

Discover Opportunities

Sometimes our clients are so deeply embedded in their organisation and the tactical execution that they can’t see the woods for the trees.

Bringing a wealth of Marketing experience from a range of different industries, GROW: in London partner with you to unearth Marketing opportunities that you may not have otherwise been able to find or courage to explore.

Increase Productivity

There is more than one way to reach an end-goal.

We work with clients who are looking to increase productivity. In our B2B Marketing Audit we look at existing processes and provide recommendations on ways in which to make them more efficient.

Beyond the obvious advantages, reduced friction also results in increased employee satisfaction and retention.

Overcome Competitors

As part of the B2B Marketing Audit, GROW: in London identify your Top 20 competitors.

Once compiled, we apply our research framework to profile the Top 5 competitors and provide you with a report.

The B2B Marketing Audit report outlines your competitors; strengths and weaknesses, Marketing Strategies, Lead Funnel and recommends whether to align or differentiate your approach.

Increase Lead Value

Over time, many organisations fall in to the trap of accepting the status quo.

One of the objectives for the B2B Marketing Audit is to analyse your existing customers and understand how to increase lead value with future customers / clients.

How GROW: in London helps you:

B2B Marketing Audit.

Company Overview

  • Historical Marketing activity & metrics

  • Products/Services

  • Resources.

B2B Marketing Audit: Overview.

Marketing & Product/Service Overview

  • Historical Marketing activity & metrics

  • Products/Services

  • Resources.

B2B Marketing Audit: Goals & Objectives.

Goals & Objectives

  • Past Marketing goals

  • Review company values

  • Create new goals (if necessary)

  • Design short, medium and long-term goals

  • Provide a renewed focus on growth & improvement.

B2B Marketing Audit: Existing Customers.

Existing Customer Profiles

  • Demographics

  • Job titles

  • Motivations/De-motivators

  • Value & Size

  • Ideal Audience.

B2B Marketing Audit: Ideal Customers.

Ideal Customer Profiles

  • Profile and outline your ideal customers

  • Understand what internal resources and changes are required

  • Do the new ideal customers align with the business goals and objectives?

B2B Marketing Audit: Competitor Analysis.

Competitor Analysis

  • Identify Top 20

  • Profile Top 5

  • Understand their Marketing strategies

  • Research their lead funnels

  • Recommendations on where to align or differentiate your approach.

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